Jacqueline and Jake

Jake and Jacqueline met through a mutual friend, she sent Jacqueline a picture of the two of them and said that she needed to meet Jake. When she saw the picture of Jake her mind went “that’s going to be my boyfriend” but she really didn’t want a boyfriend at the time! As much as she didn’t want a boyfriend after her friend told me her she should talk to him Jacqueline kept reminding her friend to give her his number or something and she told me, Jacqueline, that she could just message him on Facebook. Since she knew he liked Magic the Gathering that was her opener. They talked day and night for about 8 days before Jacqueline called Jake “babe” and that was it. She hadn’t even met him in person. The first day they met was interesting, Jake came over on a Sunday, and she didn’t realize it was Mother’s day, so he basically met her entire family that day, and he survived! Jake took Jacqueline on a date the following Friday. The rest is history!

  1. Jack hill says:

    It was such a beautiful Ceremony! The pictures are awesome!

  2. Dee Hamill says:

    I teared up the moment I saw her coming down the aisle. She looked happier and more beautiful than ever before. Jake is perfect for her and I am grateful he has brought such peace and contentment to her life. The wedding was formal but laid back, and the reception was a blast. Love you both!

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