Nicole and Jared | CALIFORNIA

Kim, Jared’s mom called me a left me an urgent message about Jared’s proposal to Nicole just two days prior to the date. The proposal was to take place at Randy Peter’s Catering here in Roseville, CA at dinner on May 25, 2018 {which was is my Birthday}. Jared had many ideas of how he was going to propose but those ideas were always changed. So, Jared decided that he was just going to ask Nicole at dinner. I mean after all; her parents would already be there having dinner with them. That set the plan in motion! Jared called their future wedding party and asked them to be a part of this special moment.


I knew that I would capture this moment for them, without hesitation, even on my Birthday! The Duran’s are good friends and I shot these boys on the football field.

As we all arrived at the restaurant, Nicole had no idea what was about to happen! Her life would forever change on this day and I was so honored to the one asked to capture it. With roses in their hands, her friends were ready also. I entered the room first, with the cover that I was taking pictures for the restaurant’s website. I got into position and then one by one her friends came into the room. They each handed her a single red rose and hugged her. By the second rose, she was teary, joyful, and shaking with excitement. Jared smiled, held his composure. When everyone was in the room, Jared got down on one knee and asked Nicole to be his wife.

Yes, I was crying as I took the photos! It was the best moment!


When Jared pulled out the ring to put it on her finger, Nicole jumped with a shriek of excitement that made the whole room burst into laughter. Her excitement was so amazing, and it echoed throughout the room.

I am so happy; my friends chose me to capture this wonderful moment. The room was filled with so much love and joy! Their wedding will surely be the same!

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