21st Century Rules for Professional Headshots

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A headshot is often necessary to propel your career. Perhaps you need one for a promotional flyer or a website. No matter where you will use it, there are tips to follow for good results.


Clothing Style

Professional Clothingimage credit: <a href="https://smilelove.com/blogs/news/can-smileloves-adult-aligners-fix-your-teeth">GroopDealz</a> Though a headshot focuses on your face, the shirt, dress, blouse or jacket you wear is visible too. Skip anything that’s distracting. Don’t wear bold patterns or very thin stripes because cameras and computer monitors don’t capture them well.

Choose clothes that represent your position and the sector you work in. Some industries require that you wear a suit and tie. For others that are more relaxed, a nice put-together look will be enough.

In general, bare arms are a no-no for women. As for a man, jewelry shouldn’t overpower. Don’t let earrings dangle more than an inch below the ear. A low neckline is generally not recommended for women. It sometimes works, however, if you wear a jacket.


More Clothing Details

Good suit and jacket colors are navy blue and gray. Ditch the turtleneck because it makes you look as if you don’t have a neck. Avoid logo tops. Pick clothes well-fitting clothes that are pressed. When wearing a suit and tie, choose a tie shade that is the jacket color and shirt color.

Don’t wear shiny clothing that can reflect light. If you are not wearing a tie, jacket or necklace, skip the white shirt because it will lack detail.


Oral Hygiene

If you smile by showing your teeth, oral hygiene is important. Since your face is the focus of this photo, brush, and floss before the session to remove any stuck food. Don’t forget your lips. Use lip balm if you are prone to chapped lips. It will also help your lips look softer and fuller and help you smile more easily.


Face and Hair

Wear makeup that makes you look natural. You don’t want a shiny face, so wash it if necessary before the photo session. Women can apply some foundation. Using a baby wipe removes oils from anyone’s face.

Practice your facial expression in a mirror. Choose the one you like best. And look in a mirror just before the photo session to check your clothing and hair.


Headshots are important if you work. Take the time to prepare for yours.


image credit: GroopDealz

image credit: Smile Love


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