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Hooray!  Your fiance asked you to marry him over Christmas!  Now what? Chances are you, have been on Pinterest looking at all things wedding even before he popped the big question!!  Your mom, your girlfriends, and the ladies in your office are all tossing ideas your way!  As a wedding photographer, I love to hear about the things you are planning and the fabulous ideas you have already came up with.  Then you see a Facebook post about the upcoming bridal show!  You tell your tribe that its a girls day at the show!!  This is one of the fun parts of the planning process!!  I mean you get to see all things wedding in ONE place!!!

Fast forward to Bridal Show day...

This is where Jessica, my assistant and I show up to show you all about what we do!  We are just as pumped as you are!  It is like a match made in heaven just waiting to happen!  We see all of the wide-eyed brides, confused looking grooms, the moms who notice that the times sure have changed and the girlfriends who carry your stuff and hold your mimosa's!  

I mean when there are MIMOSA'S you must have one....or 3! 

So, a bridal show/expo can have anywhere from 100 to 600 booths, all vying for your attention, wedding details and hopefully your business.  Now, granted, you probably don’t like the thought of giving your information out to that many people, but for the purposes of gathering information for your big day, you select wisely!  I have been a bride, attending bridal shows and I hated filling out all those raffle forms.  Because let's be honest, not all of us remember our pre-printed address labels.  We are the same people who leave our reusable grocery bags by the front door, but forget them every time.  Our intentions are good but we just cannot remember those details!  Solution: THE IPAD!!!  Its easy, fast and so much better for both of us!  So thank you to all the brides who filled out our IPAD form!  We have a few hands form sore muscles, yesterday!!  

See the IPADS in our hands, ready to go.

We wedding vendors stock up on promotional giveaways like pens, candy bars, chapstick, and all sorts of things that best represent our brand.  The truth is, you probably will never use the item once you leave the show, and it will end up in a cardboard box deep in the heart of your garage. I was determined to give away something that was meaningful and PRETTY???  Then a lightbulb went off and I found small gold anchor charms that matched my brand perfectly!  The anchor also symbolizes my families long-term connection to the United States NAVY.  My son is currently serving and is a 6th generation sailor from my family, HOOYAH! 

There is also a hidden object in my anchor. 

Can you find it??  If so shoot me an email and I will mail you a gold anchor for you and your girlfriends!

I have the most talented friends!  Jessica is one of my closest friends and an AMAZING floral designer! There is not anything she cannot do with a flower!  She created all these lovely arrangements for the booth!  She knows what each flower, shrub, tree, and grass is!  It is pretty fabulous!  Not only are these florals just outstanding, they make the booth smell SO GOOD!!!  You can smell out Eucalyptus 20 feet away!  It beckons you to come see us!


Weddings evoke all the feels!  Bridal shows are usually the first step in the planning process.  You never used to love details or lace but you start to become awestruck at all the sparkly decorations, rustic archways and vintage china that you saw in your grandmother's house.  Then there are FREE CAKE SAMPLES!!  Do I really need to say more??   Please bring me cake!

At the end of the show, we had talked to over 200 wonderful brides, bride tribes, moms, aunts, grandmothers.  Everone was having a wonderful time, albeit most were on sensory overload.  We tried to make them feel at ease and relaxed when they were in our booth.  It was designed to represent a welcoming environment that hopefully made your wedding show experience wonderful.

Thank you, Redding, for another wonderful show!  Everyone who came to our booth was lovely and have amazing weddings planned!!!  These couples/brides really know how to plan top notch weddings!  We are so honored we will be capturing some of them!




Florals by ETC Floral & Design

Etc Floral and Wedding Design


Gover Ranch {our wonderful show neighbors}

Gover Ranch

Apple {the iPad saved us all}


Not So Shabby Boutique {gorgeous vintage white tables came from her shop}

Not So Shabby Boutqiue



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