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Anderson, CA is a small town roughly 150 miles north of Sacramento.  It is small town America!  The town is full of rich history, championship football, local small businesses and my Hometown!!  This is where Chaska and Megan grew up and will be married!  

Even though we had cloudy, overcast skies...their love was like ray of sunshine!  Chaska is currently attending the Citadel Military Academy, in south Carolina, therefore we needed to shoot their session when he as back home.  So we dealt with the clouds and had this amazing session!

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Just Us...My family on the beaches of Oregon! http://karahoffmanphotography.com/blog/2016/1/just-us-my-family-on-the-beaches-of-oregon Traditions are something that have been in my family for generations.  Three years ago, we decided it would be a great idea to go to the Oregon coast for Thanksgiving.  Each year we pick a different beach house.  This past Thanksgiving we chose to return to Bandon, Oregon.  I was in charge of finding the house for this trip.  The #1 must have was beach access.  And I may have had motives for beach access, but can you blame me.  Beach and photographer are a match made in heaven!  My family all knew that beach access, meant family photos on the beach.  They were all thrilled about taking family portraits HA!  We did get the traditional family photo.  As nice as a traditional family photo is, I am in love with the portraits I took of my family, just being themselves.  We rock hunted, found small crabs, splashed in the waves, skipped rocks, played in the sand and of coarse played football. 

Hope you enjoy pictures of "just us," The Win-Hoff-Alkers!


Skipping rocks in the ocean....yea that is not the same as a lake!

Riot looking out to the sand and sea....

Our newest addition...


"Is that one eyed Willie's ship"

Yes, he is fixing his hair in the reflection of my lens...[there were girls on the beach haha]


I have no idea what kind of crab this was, but the boys performed surgery on him!


My husband, the receiver!

Striking a pose is always best on the beach....


Young love..with the whole world ahead of them...[just NO babies just yet, I am not ready haha]


Father and son...or Twinsies!

Noah spent the most time on the beach...he would survive in Hawaii!!


This girl...my model!


My Jake-ster...with the most infectious laugh..


The sheer joy on Shelby's face just melts my heart!!


Momma Shela and Luna getting some sand and sun!


Yes, this was going on all around me as I was taking photos...football...always football!

2 receivers - 0

1 football - 1

The football won this one!


Mother and son!  Paul and Shela always take the best photos...



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